Civic Engagement

Melanin Unchained members united during the Global Pandemic of 2020, while the entire world  was disrupting the normalcy towards police brutality, socioeconomic inequities, and racial disparities. We believe, to change our environment, we must change our environment. Our members address issues of public concern, causing a change in the community. Our goals are to meet out neighbors where they live to address their concerns.

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Equitable Education

We are fighting towards rebuilding a school system that supports all students, staff, and teachers. A system that puts forth the needs of all students and is responsive to the particular needs of each and every child. Currently, students of color and low-income students are at a disadvantage in our education system. This is due to decades of neglect from the highest points of our education system. We need to provide space for more representation in all aspects of the system. 

Financial Freedom

We aim to teach the importance of financial literacy which is the confluence of money, credit, and debt management knowledge that is necessary to make responsible decisions—choices that are integral to our everyday lives. It is a crucial proponent to being able to prosper throughout your life. With a healthier residency, we'll have more holistic and financially diverse neighborhoods and economies. This will help slow down the rampant displacement of our rent and tax-burdened neighbors throughout the City of Newburgh, causing economic equity.

In 2022 we will commence the Melanin Unchained inaugural Early Childhood Financial Literacy Fellowship, if you're interested, sign up here: (enter embedded google docs form)

Environmental Justice



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